WHO – Technical Handbook for Dengue

WHO has just released a Technical handbook for dengue surveillance, dengue outbreak prediction/detection and outbreak response (“model contingency plan”)

screenshot-2016-10-06-09-52-18Dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease, is emerging as one of the world’s most rapidly spreading and important infectious diseases of the 21st century (WHO, 2009; WHO, 2012b). A recent re-assessment of the dengue burden using novel modelling methods has shown that the dengue burden is about three times higher than estimated by WHO (Bhatt et al. 2013). Messina et al. (2014) showed the worldwide expansion of the serotypes of disease hyperendemicity, and the establishment of an increasingly important infectious disease of global public health significance. Other reviews of national epidemiological dengue data for Brazil, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the vaccine industry support these facts (Horstick & Morrison, 2014a). The increasing global threat of dengue outbreaks in both endemic and non-endemic regions of the world has focused attention on effective outbreak management.

The data science community is now bundling its forces in order to use data science to fight the spread of dengue. Help these experts and share your data on denguehack.org



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