Announcing our Partnership with Break Dengue

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with Break Dengue for our upcoming hackathon to stop the spread of dengue.

Break Dengue will support us with their knowledge, ideas, and data about the spread of dengue that they’ve gathered over the past four years of working against this disease.

On our part, we’ll engage the data science community to work with this data to visualize the spread of dengue and to forecast future outbreaks, and provide the analysis required the put these ideas and knowledge into action.

Break Dengue is a non-profit organization that aims to connect different initiatives around the world that are addressing the issue of dengue and provide an open platform for doing so.

results-2Break Dengue at the Millennium Campus Conference at the United Nations is a non-profit initiative from the European Data Innovation Hub. It involves bringing data scientists together to work toward the common goal of better understanding the spread of this disease and making big data a weapon in the arsenal in the fight against Dengue.


To keep up to date with Break Dengue and the hackathon, you can follow them on twitter here, follow here, and the European Data Innovation Hub here.

At the diHub, we promote the value of analytics by organizing events, hands-on sessions and trainings to close the gap between academics and business.

Join us if you want to share, learn and have fun with analytical & technological innovation & positive social change.


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