The general objectives of the #denguehack

Using Data Science as a New Weapon to Fight Dengue

Dengue is the fastest growing mosquito-borne disease in the world. Outbreaks occur primarily in the tropics, but it’s already present in the united states, and it’s beginning to infect Europe. Half of the world’s population is currently at risk. Companies and researches have been working on solving the Dengue problem for decades. Data Scientists aren’t going to solve it. But with new technologies and available resources, we can join forces with those already fighting in the battle against Dengue. We’re all in this together, and with your help, all of us can solve this problem.

Each researcher has been working in their own environment. What we’re suggesting is to bring all of this scattered data together into one open data environment. If this open data environment were available in one place, data science could be used to reinforce the fight against Dengue by understanding why, when, and where Dengue breaks out. Let’s map all known Dengue cases together on a timeline. With weather, medical, mosquito, social media, and demographic data, data science could be used to identify additional meaningful indicators and find correlations that can be used as warning signs, or even find valid predictors.

Having access to new data sets can provide new insights into the battle against dengue, and may even help predict potential new outbreaks. Make big data a new weapon in the arsenal against Dengue. Share your data and read more at


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