Hackathon Team Cellular Automata: Epidemic simulator for the Dengue disease

At the DengueHack.org Hackathon, Konstantinos (Kostas) Theodorakos, a software developer and network and hardware technician at Avia-GIS and Master’s Degree student at the University of Antwerp, continued the work he began as part of his thesis.

Kostas worked toward developing an epidemic model for the dengue, as well as a simulator capable of producing accurate outbreak predictions. Having already constructed the model and the simulator during his studies, Kostas worked during the hackathon to validate and improve his simulator by imputing real-life recorded data of dengue outbreaks.

Though his model isn’t currently optimized, Kostas plans to continue working on calibrating this model until he present his results in June, 2017. You can view his presentation at the DengueHack.org hackathon here, and if you want a more thorough (and technical) read-through of Kostas’s work, you can view his paper below.

DengueHack Epidemic Simulator for the Dengue Disease

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