The Challenge

The European Data Innovation Hub is organizing an open data4good hackathon that focuses on using data science to combat the spread of the dengue virus.  The initiative is sponsored by Janssen, The Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson.

We are calling out to all experts to share their data, ideas, and skills.


Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection. Potentially lethal, dengue is a flu-like illness that nearly half the world’s population is at risk of contracting. There is no specific treatment currently available.The challenge is to tap into private and public datasets to generate new insights and improve our understanding of this infection.


The objective of this data4good hackathon is to help fight the global burden of dengue fever and raise awareness about the risks of the virus.

The purpose is to gather private and public datasets together, and through the creative use of technology and big data, we can generate new insights into the dengue virus and improve our understanding of its spread.

During the data4good hackathon, you will be presented with these challenges:

  1. Knowing and understanding key factors that contribute to the short term spread of dengue (weeks)
  2. Understanding long term predictive factors
  3. Developing a framework to integrate data from federated systems
  4. Developing an integrated map of Dengue in Africa
  5. Determining whether movements of large population groups can be used as a risk factor in the spread of dengue
  6. Determining whether the movement of goods can be used as a risk factor in the spread of dengue

Get a more in depth overview of the challenges here.

Overview of the hackathon



All partners are welcome and will be mentioned on our partner page. Please contact Philippe Van Impe to find out how you can partner with us to make this hackathon a success.

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