When you are watching TV on your own, you don’t need to share that audio with everyone around you. You can mute the speakers and rely on closed captions if you really want to be silent, but we have a better solution for use headphones.

Listen to TV with wireless headphones are listening to anything you want without bothering anyone around you. There are several ways to connect your headphones to your TV and you are enjoying the combined benefits of private audio and a big screen. There are some ways to connecting wireless headphones to TV the following:

TV’s built-in Bluetooth supportHeadphones

Bluetooth headphones for TV is the best way to connect your wireless headphones to your TV. Many TVs are not having Bluetooth support enabled by default but it can be found in the service manual.

You are accessing the service menu and it is not really easy. You will be wanted the specific service menu code of your TV brand the following:

Service menu codes are including LCD, LED, Plasma, and even CRT TVs of all brands. You can use the search bar at the top to enter your TV brand and model.

Once you are inside the service menu, look for the Bluetooth section inside the Options. You can inside the Engineering menu.

Then, Enable the Bluetooth option and restart the TV.

You can go to sound options on your TV and you should find the Bluetooth option under the sound output section.

Finally, you can use this option to search for your headphones and connect.

Using a Bluetooth audio transmitter

A simple Bluetooth audio transmitter is giving your TV Bluetooth support. It is a tiny chargeable device that plugs into the 3.5mm audio output jack of the TV and gives it Bluetooth audio transmission capability.

Take advantage of any secondary devices

Devices are including media streamers or gaming consoles usually have Bluetooth support to transmit audio over Bluetooth.

TV_headphonesUse an RF wireless headphone

If all the above methods don’t work for you, you might like to consider buying an RF wireless headphone. These headphones are having a wireless transmitter and it is connected to your TV’s audio output jack and sends audio to the headphone using radiofrequency.

Use Infrared wireless headphone

This setup process is the same as RF headphones and you attach a transmitter to the TV audio output jack. The headphone is catching infrared signals to receive audio.