We need great ideas

Many organizations are starting to use Data Science as a way to  track, diagnose, and cure some of the world’s most widespread diseases. A good data scientist needs more than the right data and skills, but also great ideas. Help us with your ideas on how we can answer these ongoing questions:

  • How can we identify outbreaks sooner?
  • How can we predict future outbreaks?
  • What factors might influence dengue spread and outbreaks?
  • What datasets can be combined to gain new insights?
  • What visualizations would be useful?
  • How can we improve dengue diagnosing?
  • What applications and products can be developed to reduce the dengue problem?

Any other ideas for fighting the dengue virus and its spread are welcome.

The ideas we’ve gathered so far

( Sabrina’s and Anas’ task: Make an automatic list appear with the submitted ideas. And of course get the list started by adding a few of our own ideas.

Make a box in which you can add your own ideas…

  • from johan in denmarkt we received the idea that we could use satelite data to ……..
  • telco data to track movement of people
  • share your ideas here: ……
  • box to input ideas.