DISCLAIMER 1: We will only accept data that is provided as a zip file and accompanied with clear metadata. Please follow these instructions below before submitting your data.

DISCLAIMER 2: We assume that all provided data can be shared, as open source, without restrictions. If you can provide us with useful data, but certain restrictions apply, please contact us at, so that we can discuss how we can best accommodate your data.

1) Convert your data files to ZIP files

Due to the large amount of data we are hoping to collect, it is advised to upload your data as Zip files. This severely increases both the upload speed now and the download speed. Please find instructions on how to convert your data files into zip files here.

2) Make sure to add an extensive metadata file

When tackling a large amount of data scientists first need to understand the data they are dealing with. Make it easier for them to understand the data you provide by adding a file with a thorough explanation of your data. Make sure to add the following:

  • Source of the data
  • Author of the data
  • Responsible or person to contact concerning the data
  • If the data was accessed online, the web address where it can be found
  • Date the data was produced (and/or last updated)
  • The version of the data (if several versions exist)
  • A one sentence explanation of the data
  • A longer and thorough description of the data
  • A thorough explanation of each column and/or row in your data tables
  • Don’t forget to mention the units of each column!
  • A glossary of acronyms used
  • All other useful information
  • The more info the better!
  • Seriously, keep adding more info…
  • Don’t stop here, I’m sure you can think of something else to add…
  • A funny data science joke at the end

3) Make a ‘data’ and ‘metadata’ folder

  • Put the zipped data files in a folder called ‘data’.
  • Put the metadata file in a folder called ‘metadata’.

4) Upload your data and metadata folders


5) What happens next?

  • You will receive a confirmation email that your data has been uploaded to the exavault ‘dropzone’
  • We will review your data and your metadata. If insufficient metadata is provided, we will contact  you and ask you to provide us the lacking info.
  • When the data and metadata is considered useful, we will move it to the appropriate folder within the exavault platform.
  • Your data will now become visible and accessible for the participants of the DengueHack.

Would you like to have access to the data we have gathered and take part in the hackathon? Register here!

If any questions remain, or problems occur please email us at

Thank you for sharing your data