Your smartphone speakers are collecting lint, dust, and all kinds of dirt that you probably don’t see. when you leave them uncleaned for long enough, you will start to hear your sound getting muffled.

But before heading to the repair shop, there are a few great do-it-myself techniques to clean the speaker on my phone. You can clean both the outside and inside of the phone.

If you do not forget to keep your smartphone in the back pocket of your jeans before you step out of your home. Chances are a couple of months the small crevices of your phone will collect some dust.

Phone Speaker Cleaner

Since the phones are producing electromagnetic radiation repeatedly and the accumulation of dust is much more accelerated than for any other object you carry with you.

The speaker grills are getting clogged with small dust particles. It may be reducing the sound quality of your smartphone. Phone Speaker Cleaner should clean the speaker grills and it is using once in a while if you notice the dust blocking the small tiny grill holes.

Paintbrush Cleaningclean_phone_air

This is one way to clean the dust blocking the speaker grills and it is used the compressed air. It can air nozzle pointed at almost a horizontal direction towards the grills.

Another method involves using any type of tape and stick it on the speaker grills, then gently remove the tape and hopefully removing all the dust particles along with the tape. You can also use any type of brush that has soft bristles like the shaving brush or paintbrush works great and dust off the speaker grill gently with it.

Mechanical Ways of Cleaning

These mechanical ways of cleaning the grill are used for the app and you can also use an app like Speaker Clean to remove the dust particles.

The speaker cleaner app is sending small durations high pitch sounds to the speaker making any clogged dust particles to dislocate from the grill.

These high pitch sounds are sent for a few seconds after which you can check the speakers by playing music to see if it has made any difference to the sound quality.


The speaker grills in the smartphones are getting clogged easily after some months of phone usage. You can be removed from this dust using a myriad of methods. This method is using a brush to using a specialized app.