Having audio problems on your Android smartphone? You are having problems with the speakers on your phone. If the sound is working and the phone passes the tests, then you will know 100% that there is no problem with the speakers on your phone and that the phone’s hardware is working just fine.

No replacement or repair necessary will be helping you narrow down the issue quite a bit. If the phone has problems playing music but the loudspeaker is working properly then it might be the song itself that is not working correctly. Cell phone sound test might not be compatible with the music player on the phone.

Sound test works and audio plays

The music player is malfunctioning and needs to be updated or replaced. If the phone passes the audio test for android speakers, that the speakers on the phone are working properly. The fault has lied with either a bad file or a software-related problem, both of which are easily fixable.


No sound or audio when running the test

The audio test my android phone speaker passes and plays on one speaker but not the other. This indication is one of your speakers has broken or malfunctioned.

You will need to be replaced to play sound again. Speakers are liking a phone’s display and it can be repaired by the owner of the phone without too much difficulty. If you are interested in the warranty route, then you might be interested in reading how to file a warranty claim on a mobile phone.

How You Test the Speakers On an Android Phone?


Device Diagnostic Tool can be used to check many of the features and these functions are used for Android phones. It can be used for one more troubleshooting tool in your belt.

The Device Diagnostic Tool is one of the favourite tools when troubleshooting common issues on phones.

But if you are interested in other codes and it can be used on your phone. You might be interested in these other users and it is interesting star codes for smartphones.Conclusion 

This informative and helped you to pinpoint the cause of the audio problems on your phone. If you are still having issues with your loudspeaker, then we suggest reading.

How to fix a phone when its alarm, ringer, and music won’t work? If you are having issues with your internal speaker, you can be one of the most annoying issues. You can have concerning audio problems on Android phones.